Inteco BUR — Oil and Gas wells Drilling

Inteco Bur

INTECO BUR, an innovative Russian Company, performs oil and gas well drilling up to 7000 meters deep services for drilling oil and gas wells with a depth of up to 7000 meters, of any kind and complexity.

The company is licensed to produce oil and gas and to operate explosion-hazardous production facilities.


  • Exploration and production well construction;
  • Horizontal and low-angle well drilling;
  • Balanced and underbalanced oil well drilling;
  • Production and exploratory wells development and testing;
  • Sidetracking in previously drilled and cased wells;
  • Introduction of new technologies and well drilling engineering support.

Our qualified and experienced specialists can solve a wide range of engineering problems in well construction. INTECO DRILL uses the latest generation drilling rigs with rated capacity of 125 to 450 tons.

We apply the following technologies:

  • directional and horizontal well drilling using advanced telemetering equipment, rock cutting tools, downhole hydraulic motors and top drive systems;
  • coring tools with a maximum percentage of core recovery to ensure information integrity about the productive reservoir;
  • four-stage treatment systems in combination with established mud composition based on geological conditions and reservoir properties;
  • pitless drilling with advanced mud reconditioning system;
  • well casing quality improvement by the development of complex grouting formulations on lab equipment under API standards;
  • well packing;
  • the workover using sidetracking, including multilateral wells;
  • well packing methods based on geological factors to ensure well casing quality: direct, adverse controlled processes and circulation methods;
  • directional and horizontal well construction with drilling in under negative pressure drop in the well-reservoir system using oil and gas mixture recirculation system;
  • well drilling within extreme lost circulation intervals without problem zone packing;
  • multilateral and horizontally-branched well construction.