Drilling technologies

INTECO JSC increases the number of high-tech wells (horizontal, multilateral, wells with hydraulic fracturing) mostly by using the most advanced drilling technologies.

The share of high-tech wells of the total annually drilled number is more than 42%, which is the best ratio for the oil and gas industry.

As a part of INTECO research and technology facilities the Drilling Support Center provides operational engineering support at all company fields. It carries out round-the-clock monitoring of the most complex well drilling and makes operational decisions on the project adjustment based on the information constantly coming from the fields.

As part of the “Drilling and Downhole Repair Technology”, projects aimed at improving the drilling efficiency and productivity of newly drilled wells, are implemented.

INTECO JSC performs multistage hydraulic fracturing in a horizontal well. The operation is performed in traditional reservoirs in a well with an uncontrolled layout. The introduction of a new technology of repeated multi-stage hydraulic fracturing was made together with 4D geomechanical modeling of the site. This made it possible to predict the influence of the current development on the new hydraulic fractures behavior and to make an optimal hydraulic fracturing design based on the model.

INTECO JSC conducts drilling mud tests. Their application helps significantly increase the efficiency of drilling complex wells with extended clay sections, since the unique composition of the drilling mud reduces clay swelling by limiting its entry into the mud due to triple inhibiting. While testing, the volume of the drilling mud was reduced by 24% together with expenses on drilling waste treatment.

Inteco provides drilling services using the most advanced technologies.

Inteco drilling technology:

  • Application of directional and horizontal well drilling technologies using the most advanced telemetry equipment, drill through tools, modern downhole hydraulic motors and top drive systems;
  • Application of core sampling tools ensuring maximum core recovery efficiency and capable of preserving integrity of the reservoir sample;
  • Application of 4-stage well cleaning systems and drilling mud compositions custom based on geological and production conditions, porosity and permeability of pay zones;
  • Application of sumpless drilling methods combined with up-to-date mud reconditioning systems;
  • Application of actions enhancing well casing quality that include the whole range of services from development of complex cementing slurry compositions using API Standard lab equipment to provision of cementing services;
  • Well workover services by sidetracking and multilateral drilling;
  • Application of various well cementing methods ensuring casing quality depending on geological conditions: direct cementing, reverse circulation cementing and circular cementing;
  • Drilling of directional and horizontal wells including completion of underbalanced reservoirs within well-formation systems, using of closed-circulation systems and oil-and-gas fluids;
  • Application of well drilling methods for disastrous lost circulation intervals without cementing of problem zones;
  • Construction of multilateral and horizontally-branched wells.